‘BLEED RED. THINK GREEN’ The Eco-Friendly Period is Here

By Skylar Pridgeon

What: The world’s first reusable tampon applicator
When: 27th February 2018

British organic tampon company DAME has launched the world’s first reusable tampon applicator named D, giving more women the opportunity to have an eco-friendly period.

DAME will be launching a Kickstarter campaign on 27th February 2018, giving supporters the opportunity to help fund this new product and be an early adopter.

According to a 2016 report by Mintel, 60% of women prefer to use tampons with an applicator. With nine used plastic applicators for every kilometre of UK beach, DAME has decided it’s time to make periods more green. Each time a woman switches to D she’ll be preventing approximately 12,000 pieces of single use plastic from entering the world’s oceans. Nearly 10 billion period products get thrown away each month, which is enough tampons and pads to circle the earth 24 times.

D is made from medical grade Mediprene and is both BPA and leak free. It is semi-matt, making it comfortable to use. The product also contains Antimicrobial Sanipolymers which work to actively keep the product clean. The Kickstarter campaign boasts that cleaning your D applicator is simply a case of “wipe, rinse and go”.

In a press release from the company, co-founder Alec Mills said:

“For too long, women have been sold on the promise of discretion: that their periods are something to hide and that they’re dirty. Not only does this profoundly affect the way women and girls view their bodies, it’s led to little meaningful innovation in the tampon industry in years.”

The environmentally friendly menstruation products doesn’t just stop with the D applicator however, DAME also have a tampon product that is made from nothing but organic cotton. DAME’s tampon isn’t treated with harsh chemicals or pesticides. DAME’s vision is to allow women to have a green period from start to finish by using products that won’t harm either them or the environment.

Founder Celia Pool said:

“Women should have more control in all aspects of life and often the most obvious, is the most overlooked. That’s why we’ve started with the tampon. We’re closing the gap of inequality by allowing women to lead better lives and effect positive change through the choices they make.”

Plastic waste has recently come to the front of public discussion, with major supermarket chains now pledging to banish single use plastics and turn to reusable or recyclable alternatives. DAME’s reusable tampon applicator is being launched at an appropriate time given the huge shift in consumer thinking towards making plastics more environmentally friendly. In the words of D’s slogan, maybe it’s time for women to “bleed red, think green”.

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