New Yorkers Get Third Gender Option

By Haneen Hameed | @haneenhameed6 Sub-edited by Jasmine Wing and Zahida Khan | @jasminew_bn @zahidak_bn Last month, The New York City Council introduced a third gender option on birth certificates for individuals who don’t identify […]

Civil Rights

Pride Month

By Ella Thwaites | @ellathwaites_ Subedited by Jasmine Wing For almost 50 years the LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender+) community has united all over the world in June to celebrate Pride Month. During the late […]

Civil Rights

LGBT history month is upon us!

By Habiba Iqbal February 2018 is the 14th LGBT history month here in the UK and many places have taken to promoting LGBT visibility by hanging out a dazzling rainbow spectrum of light-loud and proud. […]