A 21-year-old Palestinian woman was killed in demonstrations on the Gaza border

Razan Najar, a nurse by profession, is the second woman killed since the beginning of the “return march”. She was killed on Friday during a protest march near the Gaza border. The Friday demonstrations began two days after the end of the violent military cycle between the Palestinian factions (a small, organised, dissenting group within a larger one, especially in politics) in Gaza and Israel.

Najjar, a nurse in the various demonstrations who dealt with the Palestinian casualties in her role, is the second woman killed since the beginning of the mass protest. It is not yet clear if she was killed while helping the wounded.

During the demonstrations, a suspect was identified crossing the fence and fled back to the Gaza Strip after placing a grenade that exploded. There were no casualties among IDF forces.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said that thousands of rioters participated in demonstrations, there were burned tires near the security fence and they attempted to damage security infrastructures, and responded by means of dispersing demonstrations and acting in accordance with the Open-Fire Regulations.

However according to Palestinian media Razan al-Najjar was shot near Khan Yunis in Gaza on Friday. Eyewitnesses reported that she was wearing a white medical uniform and tending to injured protestors when she was shot in the chest.

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