• Health

    National Avocado Day

    National Avocado Day is celebrated on July 31st! Avocados have become more than a staple food in the American diet; they have proven to be a key ingredient in recipes for both inside the body [...]
  • Entertainment

    Who Is: Wild Boy Ace

    By Jasmine Wing | @jasminenatashaw #WhoIs – brings you everything you need to know about people of interest. Breathe News curated the project ‘Who Is’ to plug readers into the coolest, unique characters from around [...]
  • Entertainment

    Who Is: Ryan Coogler?

    #WhoIs – brings you everything you need to know about people of interest. Breathe News curated the project ‘Who Is’ to plug readers to the coolest, unique characters from around the world. This week’s Who [...]
  • Mental Health

    Why are our teen girls self-harming?

    By Shannon Holden | @shaywhophotography @Shay_Who_Photos Sub-edited by Jasmine Wing Lately, there has been an increase in the number of teenage girls who are self-harming. A recent government-supported study found that 1 in 5 girls [...]
  • Opinion

    PR Circles the world like a planet

    By Jasmine Wing | @jasminenatashaw ‘It seems that the greatest threat facing journalism is de-professionalization, which means that everyone can be a journalist and nobody actually is one.’ (Nossek, 2009) “Our media have become mass [...]
  • Celebrity

    Kate Spade: more than her mental health

    By Ashleigh Henry | Kate Spade is probably a name known to the majority women in the Western world. This is due to her iconic fashion brand named after herself. However anyone watching or reading [...]
  • Mental Health

    Living with Mental Health Issues: Family

    By Ella Thwaites | @ellathwaites_ Living with Mental Health Issues is a five-part written series which gives you an insight into life with mental health issues and how this affects different areas of your life. [...]
  • Entertainment

    UK rappers in jail

    By Jasmine Wing “penitentiary” A prison, penitentiary, or correctional facility is a place in which individuals are physically confined or interned and usually deprived of a range of personal freedoms. Crazy Titch 2005 – Present [...]
  • Entertainment

    5 Saddest TV deaths that made us feel some way

    By Habiba Iqbal 1. Michael Cordero -Jane the virgin This was every person’s reaction when they watched Michael get shot and it finally clicked where those sly writers were heading! Now I’m not biased: I [...]
  • Lifestyle

    The Sunbed Regulation Act 2010

    By Charis Hill Subedited by Sukey Richardson In 2010 The Sunbed Regulation Act imposed guidelines on the use of ‘electrically-powered devices, designed to produce tanning of the human skin by the emission of ultra-violet radiation’ [...]


  • Entertainment
    By Caroline Cutting | @carolinecuttingauthor Sub-edited by Jasmine Wing | @JasmineW_BN Watch now! Ricky Gervais is not normally one to mince his words. In fact he has actively cultivated his outspokenness, and upset a few [...]
  • Business
    By Lynsey Downie | @lynzeyz @Lynsey_BreatheN Subedited by Jasmine Wing | @jasminenatashaw Youngest of the Marley’s gives old prison a new lease of life, making it the headquarters to the legal cannabis empire which used [...]
  • Entertainment

    hristian Bale announced “I’d like to thank Satan, for bringing me inspiration, on how to play this role” after adding the Best Actor at the Golden Globes to his growing basket of Awards. He’d already scooped up the US Critic’s Choice and British Film Academy Best Actor for his portrayal of former Vice-President Dick Cheney in the film “Vice” (Plan B entertainment, 2018). […]

  • Entertainment
    By Mark Williams The Westworld actor Thadie Newton made a bold religious statement at this year’s Emmy Awards by hinting that, were God to exist, she would be female. The British actor, 45, was awarded [...]


US News

  • Opinion
    By Jasmine Lowen Social media handle: @jazmyninreallife Sub-edited by: Jasmine Wing | Jasmine W (@JasmineW_BN) Mass shootings have always dominated the conversation on gun control, but it has been reported that two thirds of gun-related [...]

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